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MacFibre- palm peat bales

Palm peat, we also call palm short fiber, widespread use in mushroom cultivation to enhance productivity, elevate quality, and refine taste. Its affordability and nutrient-rich properties make it an ideal choice in horticultural and agricultural practices.

MacFibre-palm peat pellet

Palm pellets, serve a dual role as both a growing media and a bio-fuel source. The production process for these two applications varies slightly. For bio-fuel purposes, an additional hydrolysis step is incorporated to diminish ash content and elevate combustion value.

MacFibre- palm kernel expeller- palm cake

Palm kernel expeller, also known as palm kernel cake, emerges as a byproduct from the palm kernel oil production process.  This versatile product finds utility as an additive for growing media, a high-protein feed option for dairy cattle, or as fuel for boilers.

MacFibre-Coir Fibre

Coconut fiber, a natural extract from the robust and durable husk of the coconut, boasts remarkable versatility. This fibrous material finds its utility in various applications, serving as an excellent potting medium for nurturing seedlings and plants.

MacFibre- coco peat bricks

Coco peat bricks, offered in two standardized weights – 650g and 500g. Designed for easy handling and well-suited for home gardeners and hobbyist growers. We also provide the flexibility to tailor the weight and size according to your individual requirements.

MacFibre- coco coir block 5kg

The coco peat can be compressed into different size and weight. We offer a standard 5 kg coco peat block, boasting a moisture below 15%. For specific preferences and requirements, we are adept at customizing larger weight options to cater to diverse demands.

MacFibre- coco husk chips brick

Unlocking the potential of coir growing media, we extend its benefits to homeowners through a compact brick size of 500g. For those with specific requirements, we offer the flexibility of customization, enabling the perfect fit for your needs.

MacBaler- coco husk chips block

For users seeking bulk quantities of coco husk chips, we offer them in large bales weighing from 5kg to 20kg or can be tailored to your specific requirements, which are particularly well-suited for agricultural, hydroponic, and horticultural applications


MacFibre stands as a reputable and influential presence within the flourishing growing media sector. We specialize in the manufacturing of premium natural fiber growing media for plants, including a diverse array of offerings such as palm peat (palm short fiber), palm fiber pellets, palm kernel expeller (PKE), as well as coco peat (coco coir) and coco husk chips, available in various package sizes and weights to cater to your specific needs.

Our unwavering dedication to preserving the purity of natural attributes remains at the core of our ethos. We source these products directly from the fruits of palm and coconut trees, ensuring an authentic and unadulterated essence.

With strategic production bases established in Malaysia and Sri Lanka, we proudly assure a consistent and ample supply of raw materials. All the the balers and briquette machines that used for our producing are supplied by MacBaler so that ensure high efficiency and easy maintenance. Our commitment to upholding elevated standards of quality remains unwavering. Opting for MacFibre guarantees not only an exceptional range of palm and coir products but also an assurance of meeting your growing media requirements with excellence.

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Experienced Packaging and Delivery Service

Recognizing the significance of punctual delivery and cost efficiency. Our products are thoughtfully designed to align with pallet and container loading specifications. This ensures not only proper utilization of space but also maximizes cost savings for deliveries.

Swift and Efficient After-sales Service

Your satisfaction remains our utmost priority even after the sale. Our devoted team is committed to delivering prompt and proficient after-sales service, offering a guaranteed response time of 12 hours for any potential issues that may arise.

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Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need a quote. We will respond to your message within 24 hours.

Request a Free Quote

Send us a message if you have any questions or request a quote. We will get back to you ASAP!

Request a Free Quote

Send us a message if you have any questions or request a quote. We will get back to you ASAP!