MacBaler-coco coir briquetting press machine

Biomass Briquette Machine

The Biomass Briquette Machine, also referred to as a briquette making machine, or wood briquette machine, is specifically designed for briquetting a wide variety of biomass materials. These materials encompass coco peat, coco coir, coco husk chips, palm peat (palm short fiber), wood, sawdust, coal dust, fishing bait, fish powder medication, salt licks, seedling soil, and other biomass materials.

This versatile briquette machine offers the flexibility to create different shapes, sizes, and weights, catering to diverse requirements. It has the capability to produce blocks in various configurations, including bricks, cuboids, cylinders, hollow shapes, and more, simply by swapping out the die moulds.


When it comes to blocks, the possibilities are customizable to suit your needs. You have the option to obtain 3 or 5 bricks from a single compression, or achieve higher quantities like 28 bricks or an impressive 51 bricks for one shot. This adaptability directly influences the machine’s capacity, which can vary from crafting 900pcs bricks per hour to a remarkable 9180pcs per hour, contingent on the specific block configuration selected.

Speaking of block weight and size, let’s consider the case of a coco peat brick. Within this context, you have the flexibility to opt for block weights of 350g, 650g, or even 1000g, catering to a range of preferences. Moreover, the versatility extends to the dimensions of the blocks – you can choose smaller or larger sizes to align with your specific requirements. For instance, if we focus on coco peat blocks, a popular choice is a block weighing 650g, measuring 200*100*50mm in size. This level of customization empowers you to tailor your block production precisely to your desired specifications.

If you would like to get blocks with a bag packged, you can select our baling and bagging machine for biomass.

For those seeking the convenience of block packaging, our baling and bagging machine for biomass offers an ideal solution. With this innovative equipment, you have the option to have your blocks securely packaged within bags, streamlining the storage and transportation process. Whether you’re dealing with coco peat, palm peat, sawdust, or any other biomass material, this baling and bagging machine ensures efficient and hassle-free packaging, adding an extra layer of convenience to your operations.

Video Gallery

3 bricks for one shot

24 bricks for one shot

28 bricks for one shot

51 bricks for one shot

Hollow coco peat block

Seedling soil briquetting

Robot pick up for bricks

Finishing bait briquette

Coal dust briquette

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