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Coco Coir

Coco coir, also referred to as coir pith, coco peat, coir dust, or simply coir, is a remarkable substance derived from coconut husks. These husks are byproducts from various industries that utilize coconuts for their processes. To transform these coco waste into valuable resources, a series of meticulous steps is undertaken, including washing, heat treatment, screening, and grading. These processes ensure the quality of the end product – coco peat.

Coco peat finds applications in horticulture, agriculture, and even as industrial absorbents. The versatility of coco peat allows it to be compressed and processed into various forms like bales, briquettes, slabs, or discs. These compact forms are designed to be user-friendly, allowing end-users to effortlessly expand and aerate them by simply adding water.

At MacFibre, we recognize the immense potential of coco coir as a sustainable and effective growing medium. Our commitment to quality ensures that our coco peat products meet the highest standards, providing a reliable and eco-friendly solution for your gardening and agricultural needs.

Coco Coir Bricks/ Blocks

Introducing Coco Coir Bricks, also recognized as coco peat briquettes – meticulously crafted with convenience in mind. These bricks are tailored to a compact size, typically 500g or 650g, and can be further customized to match your preferences with our briquette making machines. Whether you seek even smaller or larger sizes, flexibility is our forte.

The petite dimensions of these bricks render them effortlessly manageable, catering to the needs of home gardeners seeking hassle-free solutions.

Moreover, our Coco Coir Blocks, available in sizes like 5kgs or substantial forms like 20kg producing by our baling and bagging machines, extend an array of options. Your preferences shape our offerings. Share your desired weight or size, and we’ll craft these blocks to align with your specifications.

The magic lies in simplicity – a splash of water is all it takes to witness the transformation. As water meets the coco peat bricks or blocks, expansion unfolds, revealing loose, moist coco coir ready for use.

It’s worth noting that the efficiency of coco peat is astounding – a mere kilogram of coco peat bricks can unfurl into a voluminous 15 liters of moist coco peat.

Embrace the versatility and convenience of MacFibre’s Coco Coir Bricks and Blocks. Elevate your gardening endeavors with a touch of innovation and efficiency.

MacFibre- coco peat after water

The block production of coco husk chips

MacFibre- coco husk chips

Sampling inspection

Quality check

Coco Husk Chips

Coco Husk Chips, the resilient shell of the Coconut husks for sale meticulously processed through washing, drying, grading, and precision chipping. These chips come in an array of sizes, ranging from 3-6mm, 6-12mm, 12-18mm, less than 12mm, to less than 15mm, collectively known as Coco Chips. Ingeniously compressed into bricks or blocks weighing 500g and measuring 200*100*50mm, these coco chips embody versatility.

Their prowess shines brightest in the realm of agriculture, hydroponics, and horticulture. These raw materials manifest as exemplary growing media and soil conditioners, nurturing plants with finesse.

Their unique attributes make them adaptable companions to Coco Peat, harmoniously blending in various proportions. Furthermore, they enrich potting soil, elevating aeration to strike the perfect balance between air and moisture, nurturing plant roots. Orchids, Anthuriums, and an array of plants find solace in their embrace.

But the utility doesn’t stop there. Coco chips transcend their role, embracing additional domains. They grace animal bedding, enhance potting mixes, and bring aesthetic flair to landscaping endeavors.

For those seeking substantial quantities, our large bales ranging from 5kg to 20kg stand as your solution. Customization is key – these bales can align with your specific requirements, accommodating your needs seamlessly.

Let MacFibre’s Coco Husk Chips redefine your horticultural journey. Reach out to us for insights, information, or placing orders.

Quality is the cornerstone of our offerings, where excellence prevails in every facet. Rest assured, our products resonate with top-tier quality while maintaining a competitive price point. Guided by experience, our adept team employs superior packaging materials and state-of-the-art equipment, safeguarding your precious cargo from transit to delivery.

Timeliness is our promise – we ensure that your product reaches you within the stipulated timeframe. What sets us apart is our adaptability – we tailor our deliveries to align with your unique requirements.

We’re attuned to your needs and desires, and we go the extra mile to ensure you’re kept informed throughout the journey. Updates on the movement of goods and anticipated arrival dates at your destination are our way of keeping you in the loop.

Choose MacFibre for a seamless experience where quality, timeliness, and your satisfaction converge. Embark on a journey where your requirements are our utmost priority.

MacFibre- container loading
MacFibre- coco coir delivery

Packaging and Delivery

MacFibre-coco peat delivery
MacFibre-coco coir packaging style
MacFibre-coco coir pakaging
MacFibre- packaging style

Other Coco Coir Products

The versatility of coco coir knows no bounds. Beyond its conventional forms, it can metamorphose into an array of shapes – think cocopeat tablets, coco peat growbags, and even coco peat seed starters. Your requirements shape our creations.

Coir fiber is also available with compressing of our fiber baler.

Simply share your needs, and we’ll embark on crafting tailored solutions. At MacFibre, innovation meets your demands, culminating in products that redefine your horticultural journey. Your vision drives our production – let’s bring your ideas to life.

If you are seeking a new type of growing media, then you can also try our palm peat.

Other shapes of coco coir

MacFibre- coco coir disc

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Send us a message if you have any questions or request a quote. We will get back to you ASAP!