MacBaler- Coir Fibre Baler/ Palm Fibre Baler

Heavy Duty Baler for Natural Fiber

Fiber balers, also known as palm fiber balers, coir fiber balers, or Alfalfa balers, are heavy-duty vertical balers designed to compress all types of natural fibers, including palm fiber, coir fiber, alfalfa, straw, fodder, and hay, etc.

These balers are specifically engineered to handle the unique characteristics of natural fibers, which require significant power and energy for compression, resulting in higher density bales.

Even the smaller fiber balers, with dimensions of 1100*400*(400-1200) mm, are equipped with 150 tons of press force and powered by 18.5-kilowatt motors to ensure effective and efficient operation. This enables them to produce tightly compressed bales despite their compact size.

For more demanding tasks, larger palm fiber balers with dimensions of 1200*800*(400-1200) mm are available, offering a press force of 200 tons and 22-kilowatt motors. With this increased power, they can effectively handle the large expansion rate of palm fiber and produce dense bales.

Bale size is customized to meet different baling requirements.


The front and back opening doors design of our coir fiber balers and palm fiber balers provides added convenience for bale strapping, simplifying the process and saving time.

To enhance efficiency, an automatic bale chain ejector is incorporated into the fiber baler machines. This feature ensures smooth and efficient ejection of bales, streamlining the recycling process.

A hydraulic opening door system is optional for easily and smoothly open the door.

If you are seeking even larger capacity and fully automatic fiber compression, we offer automatic fiber balers that can handle larger volumes of various fibers, providing a more convenient and productive solution for recycling operations.

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Send us a message if you have any questions or request a quote. We will get back to you ASAP!