MacFibre- palm peat- mushroom substrate

Mushroom Substrate- Palm Peat

Palm peat, also referred to as palm short fiber, is a versatile growing media available in the form of pellets or bales. Its remarkable water retention capabilities, excellent breathability and nutrient make it the ideal choice for cultivating mushrooms and vegetable. It’s utilized as a substrate to boost productivity, elevate quality, and enhance the delightful taste of mushrooms.

Currently, palm peat enjoys widespread use in China, Korea, and Japan. This versatile substrate is employed for cultivating mushrooms to get a range of pure, natural, and environmentally friendly green products.

The size of our palm peat is flexible and can be tailored to your requirements, whether you prefer it shorter or longer. Our standard length is approximately 2-3cm, carefully chosen to prevent any blockages when utilizing a screw mixing machine. This ensures smooth blending of palm peat with other substances like PKE or wheat bran, catering to the specific needs of different mushroom varieties. Your seamless mixing experience is our priority.

Palm Peat Production Flow Chart

Palm peat is derived from the empty palm fruit bunches left after the oil extraction process. The production involves steps such as shredding, drying, crushing, compression or pelletization, and packaging. Here’s a simple workflow chart for the production of palm peat:

  1. Collection of Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) after oil extraction.
  2. Shredding of EFB into smaller pieces for easier processing.
  3. Drying the shredded EFB to reduce moisture content.
  4. Crushing the dried EFB into shorter fiber
  5. Compression or pelletization of the crushed EFB to form palm peat bales or pellets.
  6. Packaging the final product for distribution.

This straightforward process ensures the transformation of empty fruit bunches into valuable mushroom substrates.

MacBaler- palm peat processing two types

Palm peat bales production

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Palm peat pellets production

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Palm peat bales with weight of 15kgs/bale; 1000kgs/pallet

Macbaler- palm peat after pressing and packaging

Palm peat pellets with 650kgs/jumbo bag

Packaging for Palm Peat

As previously highlighted, we offer two variants of palm peat – palm peat bales and palm peat pellets. Our specialized biomass bagging machine ensures efficient compression and packaging of palm peat, with bale weight of 15kgs. Additionally, our dedicated biomass pelletizer machine is utilized to craft high-quality palm peat pellets, with moisture of 8%. Rest assured, both options are designed to meet your specific needs with utmost precision.

Typically, for sample requests, we recommend pellets due to their convenient handling and cost-effective courier transportation. On the other hand, when it comes to bulk production, bales are often favored for their lower cost benefits. However, the choice ultimately rests with you and your preferences. We’re here to accommodate your needs in the most suitable manner.

How to expand the bales or pellets?

Restoring palm peat bales or pellets to loose palm peat is incredibly easy. Simply place the bales or pellets into water, and within just 2 minutes, they will naturally expand and transform into loose palm peat at least six times its original volume. This quick and effortless process allows you to utilize the palm peat in its loose form, ready to be used as a superior growing media for your plants or mushrooms. The convenience of restoring the palm peat makes it a preferred choice for gardeners and cultivators alike.

Expanding of palm peat bales

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Expanding of palm peat pellets

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Inoculating Substrate with Mushroom Mycelium

MacFibre-palm peat as mushroom growing media-

Palm Peat Mushroom Substrate after Inoculation

MacFibre- mushroom inoculation with palm peat growing media

Palm peat mushroom substrate USING tips

The palm peat used as a mushroom substrate offers a unique advantage – it can be utilized without the need for fermentation. This time-saving attribute streamlines the cultivation process, allowing you to achieve impressive results more efficiently.

Furthermore, the substrate that remains after harvesting mushrooms doesn’t go to waste. Instead, it serves as a valuable resource. The leftover substrate can be repurposed as a natural and organic fertilizer, enriching the soil and completing a sustainable cycle of growth.

With MacFibre’s palm peat, you not only optimize your mushroom cultivation but also contribute to a greener and more eco-conscious approach to gardening. It’s a win-win for both your crops and the environment.

How to prepare mushroom substrate?

Grow mushrooms effortlessly with 100% palm peat or customize your mix. Tailor your substrate by blending palm peat with different ratios of other substrates for optimal growth conditions to suit different varieties. That means you can tailor the substrate to meet the specific needs of different mushrooms during their growth process.

Once the preparing or mixing is complete, the next step is sterilization. This crucial process ensures the elimination of any harmful pathogens or contaminants, creating a sterile environment for the mushrooms to flourish.

After sterilization, the substrate is ready for packaging. Depending on the specific requirements of different mushroom varieties, the substrate can be loaded into bags, bottles, or stacked accordingly. This thoughtful approach ensures that each type of mushroom receives the optimal growing environment for successful cultivation.

(you can package the mushroom substrate first and then proceed sterilization according different mushroom variety or production process)

By combining the best of palm peat and other substrates, we create a harmonious blend that allows mushrooms to thrive and reach their full potential. The art of substrate preparation is an essential aspect of successful mushroom cultivation, and we take great care in ensuring our products contribute to your gardening success.

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Send us a message if you have any questions or request a quote. We will get back to you ASAP!